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Parco della Gallinara
Camping & Village

Our commitment? Ensuring, as we have done for the past 40 years, that our guests enjoy a relaxing holiday, in a natural environment, with a crystal-clear sea and a fine sandy beach. A 1,400,000m2 (140-hectare) site – including two wonderful forests (one of pine trees and one of oak trees) – will provide the shaded backdrop to your holiday. It really is a natural oasis of quite extraordinary beauty! Making your holiday fantastic? For us, it's a great responsibility! That's why we endeavour to keep on enhancing the visitor experience! The past and future are not inseparable. We already had a great campsite, but we have turned it into the perfect place for a truly unrivalled vacation! In 2010, we added the Holiday village, comprising 50 cottages immersed in nature but equipped with every modern comfort.

Would that have sufficed for the future and, above all, would it have continued to delight our guests? Certainly not! 2014 has seen another major push forward, with a new organisational set-up, a large, first-rate swimming pool, high-quality tourist and entertainment services, and renovated bars and restaurants, to say nothing of the clean and functional bathroom facilities! We were already doing well, now we are aiming at nothing less than total excellence, focussing on the future to do justice to our past!

We make you a promise: every year, there will be something new, something that is better aligned with your requirements and those of the environment that surrounds us – because managing a holiday village like ours is all about preserving its nature and beauty, and keeping it clean and tidy. After all, it is our future. All of these elements characterise the service we offer: the combination of tradition and innovation, dedication to our guests and respect for the natural world around us, form and function; for us, these are not contradictions, but new opportunities for development and improvement.

Which words can appropriately describe what we are? Parco della Gallinara Campsite & Holiday Village, a wonderful seaside resort, right on Rome's doorstep.


Parco della Gallinara
Quick contacts

Via Malvito Vecchiarelli, 2 - 00042 - Anzio (RM)
Tel:+39 06 9890104
Mob. +39 338 3629750
Fax:+39 06 98929212


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The ideal location to spend your vacation
between nature and sea

50 cottages of different types and sizes, almost 1000 large pitches equipped with electrical and water connections and 200 pitches absolutely "wild", for those who want first of all to look for a simple and direct relationship with nature. A simple but natural way to spend your vacation.


The park

At the Parco della Gallinara, we devote a great deal of time and attention to maintaining the environment. The Mediterranean scrubland that surrounds us has been kept intact – despite being within a tourist complex – thanks to the careful, efficient use of the land. In addition, we are working to introduce a highly effective recycling system, which will be trialled in summer 2015. This year, we have taken steps to lower our CO2 emissions and to combat environmental, acoustic and visual pollution through energy-saving initiatives and more eco-friendly ways of getting around.

We have achieved these results thanks to the installation of low-energy, low-emission bulbs, enhanced systems of heat management in the cottages and latest-generation catering machinery, as well as the possibility of getting around the parkland exclusively on foot or by bike, leaving to one side our much-loved but heavily polluting motor-driven vehicles.

The whole site has an exceptionally natural appearance that – combined with respect for and constant maintenance of the trees, undergrowth and seaside – betrays our desire to keep intact this 1,400,000 m2 area of parkland, which is criss-crossed by well-signposted nature and mountain-bike trails, jogging tracks and paths for romantic walks through the woodland.

In short: nature is offered up as a resource for use by everyone. It is an approach based on a commitment to living a simple, healthy life.



Exclusive services for
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The ideal starting point
for your daily excursion


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