The typical Roman cuisine is one of the tastiest and most ancient of the peninsula. At the base of the traditional recipes there are many products of the territory, of rural and peasant origin. Many of the ingredients of Roman culinary specialties are vegetable and animal products.R...Read more 17/02/2022

Vatican CityRome is permanently one of the most popular tourist destinations, thanks to its historical and artistic heritage that has no equal in the world: the glorious Roman era and the Renaissance are the periods that most shaped the Eternal City, leaving monuments that...Read more 16/02/2022

Rome is full of churches, monuments and private buildings that still tell its incredible history, and for sure in the surroundings of the capital the villa of the emperor Tiberius in Sperlonga is a really attractive destination if you want to visit the historical places of the et...Read more 14/02/2022

The term soup is very old and has been found in texts since the 1200s: it derives from the Latin "minestrare", which means "to administer" and also "to serve". Over time, this word has taken on a somewhat worse meaning, perhaps because it is often used as a synonym for soup; but the soup is not t...Read more 11/02/2022

On the slopes of Monte Cavo, framed by woods, there is one of the most beautiful towns of the Castelli Romani: Ariccia. This inhabited center is surrounded by green volcanic hills colored by dense vegetation that also preserves remains of the Roman civilization. Destination for Sunday trips...Read more 11/02/2022

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