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Territory and Excursions
Parco della Gallinara Anzio

The holiday is a very important moment to dedicate to oneself, to one's passions, to one's interests. Whether you want a holiday of relaxation, bathing, food and wine, sports, culture or entertainment, Gallinara Park is the ideal starting and finishing point for your daily excursion.


Anzio is located in the Agro Romano, whose southern limit is marked by the river Astura. It is located 58 km south of Rome and 26 km west of Latina. The city center develops on the homonymous promontory, stretching out over the Tyrrhenian Sea. The ancient city of Anzio, in Latin Antium (the current Anzio and Nettuno), was for a long period the capital of the Volsci population, until it was absorbed into the Roman state.
In the Roman age the city hosted Cicerone when, returning from his exile, he reorganized the remains of his libraries, wishing to put them in a safe place. The most eminent Romans built there beautiful villas by the sea. The emperors of the Julius-Claudian dynasty visited it frequently and Mecenate owned a villa there. The emperors Caligula and Nerone were born in Anzio. Nerone founded a colony of veterans in the city and built a new port, the ruins of which still exist.
The only settlement left in medieval age to perpetuate the history of the ancient Antium, of which even the name was lost, in favor of Neptune, in memory of the ancient temple dedicated to the god of the sea that stood there, was none other than the neighborhood older than the Roman civitas.
In 1831 the lordship of Anzio and Nettuno passed from the Apostolic Chamber to the Borghese family.
Around the middle of the nineteenth century, during the pontificate of Pius IX, the current and modern city of Anzio was born, which until then had been little more than a beach . The fishing village became a town which in 1856 was constituted, separating from Nettuno, as an autonomous municipality. In 1870 the territory, following the fate of the Papal State to which it belonged, was definitively integrated into the Kingdom of Italy.
In the last decades of the nineteenth century and in the early twentieth century, Anzio acquired the connotations of an elegant seaside town, the destination of residence of some well-known families of the Roman aristocracy and upper middle class. Some small villas and the Casino - known as the "Paradise on the sea" - an interesting Art Nouveau building by Cesare Bazzani, completed in 1924, currently owned by the municipality, date back to that period.
Anzio is internationally known for having been the scene of one of the most famous actions of the Second World War, the landing that takes its name from it. On January 22, 1944, the allied armies began to land on a large coastal strip.
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Tor Caldara Oasi WWF

Tor Caldara regional nature reserve is a protected natural area located in the municipality of Anzio.
It is a strip of coast that miraculously escaped urbanization, between the towns of Anzio and Lavinio. A tower erected in the sixteenth century for the sighting of Saracen pirates today guards the fossil dunes. The Reserve was established in 1988 and extends for about 44 hectares on the coast south of Rome in the Municipality of Anzio. Special Conservation Area (SAC) at European level is a real treasure chest: a now rare testimony of the ancient coastal forests that occupied the entire coastal sector of southern Lazio.
The area represents a peculiar example of Mediterranean woodland, characterized by the prevalence of holm oaks, evergreen oaks with dark green and leathery leaves, numerous cork oaks and some specimens of Quercus crenata, a botanical rarity.
A characteristic vegetation has developed around the springs.
The reserve is home to 15 different species of mammals, 9 species of reptiles, 5 species of amphibians and at least 50 species of birds, both sedentary and migratory.
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Neptune has its roots in ancient Antium, representing its natural heir.
Historiography therefore seems to agree in affirming that the "castle of Neptune" continued the history of the ancient Antium, developing on its territory as a successor country. According to the common orientation, the Anziati who survived the "barbarian" raids (in which the Saracens also participated, starting from the 8th-9th century AD), having abandoned the ancient Neronian port and other sites, would have moved or concentrated, all or partly, immediately or very long after, in an oppidum or hamlet on the site of a probable temple of the God Neptune; hence the current medieval village of Nettuno.
To absolutely visit the Forte Sangallo, or Fortress of Nettuno, which is a fortress located on the coast of the city of Nettuno, near its historic village and the sanctuary of Nostra Signora delle Grazie and of Santa Maria Goretti, which is the church that houses the girl's body, martyr of purity; it rises at the end of the promenade, along the coast, near the Loricina river. In August 1970 it was elevated by Pope Paul VI to the dignity of minor basilica.
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Torre Astura

It can be reached by taking the Acciarella provincial road, which from Nettuno leads to Latina through the large Foglino wood. The territory of Torre Astura is now included within the UTTAT (Territorial Technical Office for Terrestrial Armaments) of the Ministry of Defense, formerly known as the "Military Polygon" of Neptune. It extends for about 8 kilometers along the Tyrrhenian coast within the municipal area.
The landscape is for the most part flat, with stretches of low vegetation with herbs and Mediterranean woodland (kept in this way by military personnel, for exercises) and wooded stretches characterized by mixed deciduous forests) in the innermost areas, as well as, near the sea, by evergreen woods of holm oak and cork oak, often surmounted by the thick foliage of centuries-old pine forests planted by man in past times.
The whole coastal area is low and sandy and maintains important natural features almost unchanged, with high dune ridges on which Amophila arenaria and Pancratium maritimum grow, two species of considerable botanical value. In the area that surrounds it there is a pine forest where the Astura river flows.
An area at risk in antiquity due to shoals and sudden banks of rock, the seabed surrounding the medieval fortress is rich in archaeological finds, subject, until the seventies, of uncontrolled looting.
From Torre Astura the view ranges from Circeo to today's Anzio. Until the complete reclamation of the 1900s, the site remained immersed in the marshy forest that occupied the Agro Pontino, immediately behind the coastal dune.


Our vicinity to Rome – the global capital of art, history and culture – makes the Parco della Gallinara an ideal place to spend a natural holiday, far from the urban chaos but with the option to reach the Eternal City in less than an hour. The Co.Tra.L. bus line covers the route and has a stop just a stone's throw from our entrance. For specific information on the timetables and bus stops/train stations, please visit (trains) and (buses). Once you make it into Rome, the only thing for it is to head out in search of its monuments, churches, museums, bridges and famous districts. Visit, (e-mail, and


Castelli Romani

Just a few miles away are the Castelli Romani, nestling in lush greenery, and rich in enchanting locations and breathtaking panoramas. The Castelli Romani Nature Reserve is a fascinating natural oasis. Some of the well-known villages and towns in this area include: Albano Laziale, Ariccia, Nemi and Castel Gandolfo, the Pope's summer residence, lying behind the lake of the same name. The local culinary traditions are renowned throughout Italy and beyond, and it is here that you can savour numerous typically Roman dishes.

Theme Parks

What would a holiday be without fun?

Just 20 km away is Zoomarine, the theme park with attractions to suit everyone, especially families with young children; you can marvel at the shows involving dolphins, seals and fowl, and have great fun on the carousels and water slides. For more info, visit:

Rainbow MagicLand is Rome's newest theme park, where magic is the common thread. One of Europe's largest and most innovative parks, it has more than 36 attractions. For info, visit:


Pontine Islands

From the port of Anzio, ferries and hydrofoils can take you out to the beautiful Pontine islands. The islands of Ponza and Palmarola are amongst the most breathtaking. For information on the timetables and ticket prices of the ferries and hydrofoils, please visit and

Shopping center

- CASTEL ROMANO DESIGNER OUTLET: entirely outdoors with discounts of up to 70% on the most prestigious Italian brands of clothing and accessories.
- EUROMA 2: A concept mall on the outskirts of Rome, in the Eur district, on five levels with a wide choice of brands, restaurants and services.
- MAXIMO SHOPPING: new shopping center in the Eur-Laurentino district whose design recalls the profile of a whale. It houses the most famous national and international brands, including Primark, bars, restaurants, gymnasium and a luxe multiplex.
- PARCO 51: An open-air shopping center inspired by the legendary Area 51 and the world of UFOs.


And at the end of the day, you can return to us, back to a world of peace and quiet, where you can savour the freshness of our pine forest or stroll along the beach by moonlight, just a short distance away from your tent, camper van or caravan.