Internal regulations of the Camping Village for pets
Parco della Gallinara Anzio

At check-in dogs must have a special health card or European passport with vaccinations in order, a certificate of good health and insurance to be presented to the Management.

Outside their accommodation and / or pitch, dogs must always be kept on a leash and wear a muzzle.

Dogs must be accompanied outside the facility, to the DOG AREA, for their needs which must be immediately removed with a special bag and shovel.

It is forbidden to bring animals inside all public establishments, with the exception of the bar / restaurant, always wearing a leash and muzzle.

It is not allowed to bring animals inside the toilets. It is absolutely forbidden to shower dogs inside the toilets or showers.

Dog owners must ensure that their pet does not invade the pitch or the accommodation of others.

Noisy dogs, which growl or bark for an extended time, will not be allowed to stay in the village.

Dog owners are also responsible for any damage caused by their animals to things and / or people, including the accommodation gardens or common public green areas; damage for which the Management reserves the right to request compensation from the owner or keeper of the dog.

It is not allowed to leave pets alone inside the accommodation.

The entry of animals into the village must be authorized by the Management.

Dogs deemed dangerous or reported as such by the competent authorities may be, at the discretion of the Management, removed from the village.

The Management reserves the right to expel anyone who does not comply with the Internal Dog Regulations without prior notice.

Dogs must circulate on a leash and under strict control of the Owner (a non-extendable 150cm leash is recommended). Dogs must always wear a muzzle.

Rules of conduct

Dogs should never be left unattended and free to roam; the liability (civil and criminal) for damage caused by the animal lies with the Owner. Our internal staff will monitor compliance with the rules. The Owner must ensure maximum compliance with hygiene and health standards during the animal's stay. Dogs must be accompanied to the DOG AREA for their needs outside the housing unit; the needs must be immediately collected in closed bags and deposited in the appropriate waste containers. In addition, owners are required to bring a bottle of water with them to wash the urine of their dogs. It is not allowed to bring pets inside the toilets or showers. Dog owners are invited to take the utmost care that their pets do not cause disturbance or are a source of discomfort for other guests.

Dogs are NOT allowed on the beach by order of the Lazio Region.
Dogs are NOT allowed in the pool area for hygienic-sanitary reasons.

 Accomodation (pitches and living units)

Pets are not allowed in the accommodation, even if they are owned by the guest. It is the care of the individual owners to ensure maximum compliance with the rules of hygiene and health during the stay of the animal inside its accommodation. The owner must take care that the dog does not invade the pitch or the accommodation of others. Dogs with behaviours that cause disturbance or damage to other Guests and/or the structure will be immediately removed from the village.

 Liability and Exclusions

The Owner is fully responsible for any damage or injury caused by the animal to third parties and to the camping facilities. The entry and stay of females in heat is not allowed. The Management reserves the right to expel anyone who does not comply with the Regulations from the village.